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November 15, 2019

In the last few months at CFS, I’ve coached numerous athletes who requested I help scale a WOD for them because they are dealing with a shoulder injury. Typically it goes something like “I can’t do anything overhead”. First and foremost, I ask the athlete to describe the issue and the pain they are experiencing to get a better understanding of whether they potentially have injured their shoulder or if they are dealing with an impingement. Typically if the athlete is dealing with a shoulder impingement, the shoulder will loosen up with various stretches and exercises.

For those athletes dealing with a shoulder impingement, scaling a WOD shouldn’t be the first and only measure taken to in order...

May 16, 2019

When 99% of us are asked to set goals, they tend to be something similar to “I want to squat 300 pounds” or “get my first muscle up”. The issue with setting goals like this is they focus on an outcome – something outside the individual’s control.

Let’s say, however, we just achieved an outcome based goal, i.e. you just got your first strict HSPU. Did you take the time to reflect on the process required to achieve this goal? Was this goal the result of coming into the gym consistently 3-5 times per week, doing the accessory work in open gym including different scaling options and eccentric portions of the movement? Often times, the process is overlooked.

As athletes we need to shift our focus a...

October 10, 2018

Wall balls, despite being very simple in concept, are often performed by athletes with flaws that drastically increase the energy expenditure required to perform the rep. Aside from an athlete not completing a full squat or the ball not touching the wall above the target line, below are the two most common faults I see while athletes perform wall balls.

1. Ball Positioning
Of all the flaws an athlete can exhibit during a wall ball, the position the athlete catches the ball and throws it from has the most significant impact on the energy expended to complete the rep. The most common flaw is catching the ball too low, i.e. below the face. By receiving the ball too low, the athlete then has to r...

April 2, 2018

With the 2018 CrossFit Open coming to a close, you may be feeling a renewed motivation for your fitness goals. The CrossFit Open has a remarkable (albeit frustrating) way of exposing all of our weaknesses, regardless of if this was your first Open or a seasoned veteran. If this was your first open, you may have experienced something you have yet to experience during a normal class setting. You know what I’m talking about – that feeling at the end of each Open workout where you’re saying to yourself “What the hell just happened?!” and find yourself lying flat on the floor gasping for air. This is the other beauty of the Open, an increased intensity level pushing everyone to a point they haven...

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