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Post CrossFit Open

Heck of a season! Once again we would like to congratulate everyone who threw their hat in the ring and participated in the five week long CrossFit Open. Regardless of if this was your first time competing, second, or 6th, you all showed a ton of heart and determination during each of the five grueling workouts during The Open. You guys left it all out there and we’re very happy to see that kind of effort put forth by our athletes.

With that said, we can all breathe a little sigh of relief that it is over. The open can be stressful. That’s for sure. The workouts are tough and designed to push our limits. The Open is not only a test of our physical capabilities, but a test of our mental capacity too. In addition to the demand of The Open, our regular training schedule changes, we repeat workouts, and training takes a back seat to performance. I’m sure The Open was a huge eye opener for everyone that participated. The Open has the unique ability to expose weaknesses in our fitness and show us where we need improvement. But that’s a good thing, that’s the purpose of competition and specifically, The Open. We welcome that exposure. That’s the purpose of putting ourselves in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations. To learn about ourselves and grow from it.

For a lot of people, some open workouts left them saying “oh, I need to work on that more” or “I suck at blah blah blah” or “I can’t believe I did so poorly” or “next year I want to do…” This is all good stuff! The open has done its job and exposed areas of our fitness that need improvement. It's not about our scores, or where we finished in the region, its about going out there and giving it your best effort. It's about reflecting on these past five weeks during the upcoming year of training and remembering what our weaknesses are, and working to make them into strengths.

Special thanks to everyone who came out to cheer and help judge. It was very much appreciated! Huge thanks to DJ Mike for getting us musically hyped, DJ and Coach Rob for all the dope pics, Suzana and Rouge for keeping us supple, and all of our coaches for helping make Friday night lights a huge success. Lastly, to all of our athletes, thank you for giving it your all each week and testing all the hard work you put in during the year. Everyone of you helped to make this year the best Open season so far at Stealth! It was great to witness and be a part of! Until next year...Training starts now for 19.1!


Coach John

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