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Athlete of the Month - Noa Benjamini

ATHLETE OF THE MONTH NAME: Noa R Benjamini AGE: 54 MEMBER SINCE: March 2018 WODS PER WEEK: 3-4 Favorite WOD/Exercise: Deadlift/Rower Least Favorite WOD/Exercise: Clean & Jerk/Burpees Tell us a little bit about yourself (where are you from, job, family, etc.). Grew up in Southern CT, lived outside of Boston, and recently moved to NJ. Have a son and daughter, work as manager strategic contracting. When you’re not at CrossFit Stealth, what do you like to do for fun? Plethora activities with friends and family: concerts, movies, restaurants, hiking, etc. How did you hear about CrossFit? Why did you want to try it? From a previous friend in Boston and he always talked positively about it. When I moved to NJ could not find a “typical” fitness center to join, so I tried CrossFit. What were your thoughts after your first workout at CrossFit Stealth? It was at a different box but I liked it and was a bit intimidated. Never having been involved in playing sports was not sure if I was athletic enough, would I hold the other athletes back and was I too old. But stuck with it and 18 months later still at it, have learned to scale and the coaches push when they know one can do a bit more. In addition, the other members encourage everyone and notice when one improves.

What are your fitness goals? Have you achieved any of them while at CrossFit Stealth? Fitness goals are to be healthier and stronger, run fast, pullups, able to lift your body weight, have the flexibility to do the movements as prescribes. Goals are always changing and progressing, e.g. run slowly, improve my ability to “hang” and move a little for toes to bar etc. What is your favorite cheat meal? Pizza What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Stealth? Size of the classes, ability of the coaches to understand my abilities, and when and how I should scale. What is your most memorable or funniest moment at CrossFit Stealth? First time I completely ran around the building, Erin the coach – knew I could do it, but tricked me and said if so many minutes pass and you are not around the building I will have you come in and go on to the next stage, well first time I did it without stopping. Sounds small but was a big achievement for myself, escalated my effort to push myself. How would you describe your experience at CrossFit Stealth? Positive experience I enjoy going really try to make it 4 times a week. Would you recommend CrossFit Stealth to your friends and family? What advice would you give them starting out? Of course, advice to anybody is work at your own pace, scale when you need to, but don’t get too comfortable. Always challenge yourself a bit. Something you might not know about me is? Both children are veterans: my son a former marine, daughter former army soldier.

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