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The Open is Coming... Coach Dave

Every year Crossfitters from around the world get together what is the largest competitions worldwide, The Open. This year The Open takes place on February 21st to March 21st, five workouts that we get to do as a community. For myself, this will be my 7th year participating in this event and every year I have feelings of excitement and look forward to see how my training the last year has paid off. I get to see where my strengths are, but more importantly, where I need to improve and how I can get better. However, the open is more than just an individual approach, it also brings our community together weekly in a competition environment.

There is a completely different energy during Friday Night Lights, compared to our daily WODs. We get to set new goals, set new PRs and have that competition adrenaline rush while working out with our fellow athletes. For me as a coach (and all of your coaches), there’s no better feeling than seeing someone get their first pull-up, first muscle-up or stringing together 10 DUs for the first time.

If that is not enough to get you involved in the open, what else is there?

  • Fun in box competitions between you and your friends.

  • Getting a competition atmosphere

  • Being on a team (2018 Stealth Team Gray-T Champs!)

  • Pushing and testing your limits

  • Seeing your worldwide standing throughout the 5 weeks.

  • Having me as your judge. ☺

Everyone can compete no matter age or CrossFit experience. Every workout is scalable and you might find your CrossFit moment by getting that first pull-up or muscle-up. We all have our reasons why to do it, but what it comes down to is our community and having fun.

So how do you prepare?

  • Practice your gymnastics (pull-ups, muscle-ups, pistols, Toes2Bar)

  • Practice your DUs or your efficiency in Singles.

  • Focus on Barbell cycling and your efficiency (we tend to see “lighter” weights in the open).

  • Bring a positive mindset and do not be intimidated by the workouts, remember everything is scalable.

The Open can be a magical time of year for us. Sign up, work hard and most importantly have fun. If you have any questions about The Open, ask your coaches, we are all Open veterans; or ask a fellow Stealthlete about what their experience was like.

Go here to register!

Happy Open!

Coach Dave

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