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Never Have I Ever...

Hey Stealthletes!!

I’m always down for a good time, so let’s play a fun game called Never Have I Ever.

Never have I ever....

...walked across the gym floor in the middle of the workout to catch my breath. ...stopped for water during a 7-minute WOD. ...chalked up for HSPU. ...lost track of my rest time while staring at a wallball .

If you have done any of the above (and let’s be honest, we all have!) then there’s probably also numerous other ways that you’re losing precious time during your workouts and not tapping into your potential as a competitor!

With the Open right around the corner, many CrossFit athletes have honed in on their performance and have focused on speed, strength and movement ability, which are all important things to continuously work on. However, an often overlooked aspect of athlete performance is the time spent NOT working. Rest time and transitions in a workout can make a great deal of difference in your WOD times. For instance, how long does it take you to go from the barbell to the rower? Do you casually mosey over, take a few seconds to shimmy your butt into a comfy position, tighten your footstraps before you grab that handle and get to work? Could you walk more purposefully, and confidently get a stroke or two in AS you tighten your footstraps? Do you hunch over between sets of pull-ups or burpees and argue with yourself about when to go again? What if you counted down from five in your head and then immediately began your next set?

There are so many ways to pick up valuable seconds across even the shortest of workouts, here are some other examples:

  • Set your jump rope down neatly in between rounds/sets so you don’t waste time (and get frustrated!) untangling your rope when you pick it back up.

  • Force yourself to remain within one floor mat perimeter when performing a movement so that you do not aimlessly walk around and eat up precious time.

  • Do your best to hydrate and visit the bathroom before class begins so that you don’t need to stop to do so during a workout meant to elicit intensity.

  • When performing ring dips, keep your hands on the rings while resting- you won’t have to settle any ring swinging before you begin again and you’ll likely be able to get through your sets quicker.

  • Be honest about whether or not you really need chalk so you don’t subconsciously use it as a chance to take a break. Only chalk up if you feel that your palms are wet.

Take some time to consider what types of transitions will take place in your workout and how you can optimize your time! Happy WODing, all! Coach Faith

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