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CFS Nutrition Challenge

September 19 - October 28

This fall, for six weeks, we will attempt to reset our bodies and increase our fitness through prioritizing nutrition and sleep. From September 19th through October 28th we will partake in a nutrition and lifestyle challenge. To keep it simple we are sticking to CrossFit Stealth’s nutrition prescription: Eat Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants. In these 3 short sentences we will find the guidelines for our simple, yet highly effective, six-week challenge.

The challenge will include two InBody Biometrics body scans; on in the beginning and one at the end of the challenge. This will allow everyone to see accurate changes in body fat percentage and overall body composition. In addition to the InBody scans and to make this challenge even easier for everyone, we will supply each participant with 8 containers (additional containers can be purchased on Amazon), that are divided into three sections - 1 large and 2 small. The large section is for vegetables, one small section for protein, and one small for carbohydrates + 1 thumb size serving of fat.

The point scoring will be as follows:

1 point

for eating real food

Real food was once alive and doesn’t come from a box or container. If it has a long shelf life it is a man-made, edible, food-like substance – not food.

1 point

for eating not too much

Not too much means 3-4 meals a day, no seconds, and no snacking. We will rely on the portion controlled containers to measure our food.

1 point

for eating mostly plants

Mostly Plants is just that, every meal needs to consist mostly of vegetables. A plate should be covered with vegetables then the protein and starch can be added. The large section of the container is for vegetables but you are allowed unlimited vegetables at each meal.

1 point

for sleeping 7+ hours

Sleep is more important than working out. No amount of working out can undo the negative effects of a poor night’s sleep.

There are no extra points. We know that eating and sleeping right will get you healthy and that is what we will reward with points.
$50 BUY-IN
Starts: Monday, September 19
Ends: Saturday, October 28
Start: September 12-16
End: October 28 - November 4


Protein will go in one of the small compartments of your tray. The leaner the better. Grass-fed and organic are ideal. Wild-caught cold water fish are best.


Vegetables will go in the large part of your container. Each meal must have at least this many vegetables. To keep it simple, if it’s a vegetable eat it. Diversify what vegetables are on your plate from meal to meal and you are all set.


Carbs will go in the other small compartment. We want to have nutrient-dense carbohydrates. Fruits and these starchy carbs will do that for us.


A serving size of fat is the size of your thumb. Here are the healthy options like avocado, grass-fed butter, olive and avocado oil, and fish oil.


How many trays?

If you are a male or female over 160lbs you are allotted 4 trays per day.
If you are a male or female under 160lbs you are allotted 3 trays per day.

Pre/Post Workout

Very simply put pre and post workout supplements are focussed on performance. If you are not where you want to be composition wise then performance is not the priority. For that reason you do not need to take pre or post workout supplements.

“What About” Foods

These are foods that people commonly ask about. “What about this food?”

  • If it’s a vegetable eat it, if it’s meat eat it.

  • No cold cuts or cured meats

  • No canola or vegetable oil

  • No honey, agave, maple syrup or sweeteners of any kind

  • No protein bars, Quest bars, or any bars

  • Nut butters must have no added ingredients other than salt

  • Up to one cup of unsweetened almond milk per day

  • Up to two tablespoons of grass-fed heavy cream per day

  • Up to two pieces of gum a day

  • Clean bacon is a fat

  • Yes to oatmeal

  • Yes to rice

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