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Shoulder & Hip Mobility Tips from Coach Jason

We all have those days when things don't go as scheduled. We leave for the gym later than we wanted, hit traffic that is even worse than usual, and then walk through the doors at Stealth just a minute or two before class is about to start.

We end up hopping into a workout without taking the time to get our bodies ready, making the workout even more miserable than it's supposed to be and setting ourselves up for a rough recovery. If you find yourself looking at the screen and regularly groaning at a particular movement, it's likely that mobility might be getting in the way for you. The most common culprits? Shoulder and hip movements. As hard as it is, make sure you're giving yourself enough time before and after a workout to improve your mobility. Over time, you'll see the work payoff during and after your workouts. Below are some exercises you can do before and after class to move things in the right direction.


PVC Pass through (bands will work too)

Banded Shoulder Stretches

These especially useful if the workout calls for: Overhead barbell movements, Pull ups, Push ups and ring dips

This is how your hand should grip the band:


Tight hips will make squats and everything else tougher. Here's a few ways to open them up.

10 minute squat hold challenge

The objective is to hold an air squat at the bottom for 10 consecutive minutes to combat the sitting we do in chairs and cars. To get to that point, start with going for accumulating 10 minutes, resting when necessary.

Ideally working on this everyday will net great results at the gym and overall mobility.

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Coach Jason

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