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Happy New Year!  We are excited to announce our membership special to help you with your New Years Resolution. Whether your decision is to lose weight, get lean or tone, get in shape for a milestone, or just feel better every day, we have just what you need. CrossFit Stealth has proven to improve all of these areas and you will find a whole new community of people dedicated to improving their lives and their physical performance.


For a limited time we will be having a New Year's Special Promo. 

Any new member that registers within the month of January will get $100 off their Fundamentals program.  


The Fundamentals program is a 3-week program that meets twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 6 classes. In each class, you will learn and practice all of the foundational CrossFit exercises, movements and methods. It is essential that all new members learn, understand, and demonstrate proper form in every movement before joining our general group classes. Upon completion, you are free to begin participating in general CrossFit classes where instruction and proper mechanics continue to be reinforced by our coaches.

If you have any questions, email us at

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