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Brian P. via FACEBOOK

I am proud to be an original member at CrossFit Stealth. I think what separates Stealth from other Boxes in the area is its top notch facilities and level of professionalism and dedication among the trainers. At Stealth you have access to two beautiful locations with one membership. You will never be fighting over equipment as both boxes are stocked with rowers, medicine balls, barbells, and boxes. The gyms are in great locations to accommodate cardio WODs, a feature that is not always the case at other boxes. Classes are always on time and extremely convenient. Classes run almost every hour starting at 4 p.m. I was never denied a spot due to crowding and I was always able to fit a WOD into my schedule. Trainers really emphasized safety and proper form. Every WOD started with technique, which really helped drive home proper form. Trainers were always attentive and encouraging. I always felt the WODs were challenging and varied. I had a great experience at Stealth and I highly recommend this Box for both beginners and experienced athletes.


Great box! This was my first crossfit experience just a little over a year ago and I couldn't be more impressed. Coaches try and challenge you everyday so that progress is consistently made. Some of the best people you could ever meet. Very welcoming and super great atmosphere. My family just got bigger joining Crossfit Stealth! Thanks for everything!

Audrey-Ann. via FACEBOOK

My home away from home! CF Stealth welcomes me with open arms everytime I walk through the door during my work related travels to NJ!

Jenn P. via FACEBOOK

Workouts are great but the encouragement and environment makes this a place you look forward to returning. Don't feel intimidated. This is a place that trainers really take the time to review your form. They work you up at a good pace and push you when warranted. You won't regret joining.

Katy W.. via FACEBOOK

If you are looking for a box to give you the proper instruction, training and tools to meet your goals...hands down this is the place. Fabulous staff on top of that and judgement free!! Try it out!

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"CrossFit Stealth facilities are truly versatile, with a great vibe. CF Stealth coaches are extremely vigilant and constantly provide helpful tips to advance my performance. CF Stealth athletes are competitive and enthusiastic. There’s always that feeling of teamwork and camaraderie. CF Stealth has taken away my stress of managing the tasks involved for successful training, so now I focus on the actual workouts"

—  Akash G

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