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Handstand Tips and Tricks from Coach Jenny

Being exposed to a whole new world - Being UPSIDE down

According to Greg Glassman “The handstand, hand walking, and pressing to the handstand are critical exercises to developing your athletic potential and essential components to becoming ‘Crossfit’.’’

Why should you go upside down frequently?

  1. They make your upper body really strong!

  2. They build core strength.

  3. They increase balance.

  4. They help with bone health, circulation, and breathing.

It is important that we have our strict handstand push-up before we learn the kipping. Why? It ensures that our shoulders are strong enough to handle the kip and that we can control our movement on the way down from the push-up.

Progression for Getting Upside Down

  • The Piked Push-up - set up in a pike position, take head slightly forward finding a good tripod position, control decent and tap your head then push back up.

  • Pike Push-up with Elevated Feet - same as above except knees on box or toes on box.

  • Kick Up and Hold - Place hands in starting position. Lead with one leg and jump off the standing leg as you propel your feet toward the wall. Don’t be afraid to kick hard! The wall is there to catch you! Once you can hold for 30 seconds, it is time to move on to the pushup!

Movements for Improving the Handstand Push-up

  • Wall Facing Handstand (wall walk) - Lay flat on the floor with feet against the wall, press up to the top of the push up and begin to walk your feet up the wall. Make sure to have a tight midline. Only walk up as far as your strength will take you, but each attempt aim to get your chin and nose to wall. Maintain control on the way down until your back down to the push up position.

  • Strict Press/Seated Strict Press - Take two moderately heavy dumbbells, one in each hand, set up in a press position with dumbbells on shoulders and elbows slightly in front of you with a nice big chest. Press up until you reach full lock out and lower back down.

  • Negative Handstand Push-ups - Kick up into your handstand position, lower yourself at a slow pace until your head meets the mat, kick off the wall and reset.

If you have any additional questions on handstands please don't hesitate to ask one of your coaches!

Thanks for reading.

Coach Jenny

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